Sunday, 19 June 2016

What's next?

April 7th  - We seems to be at a bit of a standstill, and are meeting with a bit of one's fault, it just is.  Our good intentions of meeting with our Director of Education to discuss our need for student access to our team YouTube channels here at school, as well as our student's desire to create their own flipped video to teach peers, has met with ....well...our director has been seconded and now we have a new director who I feel need some time before we come at her with 'guns blazing'.  We did meet with 2 superintendents and a French facilitator, all of whom were shocked and amazed with our classroom changes and the evolution of student thinking and accountability.  We did explain our need for students to access our YouTube channels here at school and our belief that a next step to flipping would be student flipping.  We recognize the board's concern as a legal liability to have students on YouTube, however other boards have done it with a parental permission form drafted by the board lawyers.Not yet at least.    This has not changed anything...yet...right now... just feeling tired. 
Also, our Kindies to Gr. 3 do not have the same access to technology that our junior and intermediates have, as a result our students cannot work together with peers online (like you can with google docs or office 365), they cannot send their teacher their work to be reviewed in real time and then sent back to them...too many restrictions.

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