Thursday, 21 April 2016

Feeling Good!
I am happy to report that another teacher in the school has taken a step towards making her learning environment more flexible.  She has seen the changes that Sandi and I have been making in our classroom and she felt inspired.  She decided to change up the desk/seating plan and move desks around the room in different arrangements and let the students decide where they wanted to sit.  She has told me the students are soooooo excited and love the freedom to choose where they want to sit.

As for my room I have noticed an improvement in the students engagement and ability to self regulate during the day.  I see students move when they are distracted from others without my involvement.  I also see students interacting more comfortably with me and their peers.  Yes, there are still students who require me to "help" them make a better choice but I still feel I am allowing them to develop these skills in hopes they will be able to self regulate on their own in the future.

All in all I have to say its been a very positive and enlightening experience!

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