Friday, 8 May 2015

In the Beginning...

Here we are, on this adventure into flipping our classrooms at Joseph Gould P.S. We are excited to embark on this trip and will use this platform to track and share our teacher learning and student learning. We are ready to share our successes and also our struggles...yes, it is a risk, but by sharing we hope to learn from each other.  Possibly, those who wish to join our journey can teach us a few things too!
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From The Flipped Team

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  1. We are now in December 2015 and sitting with our TLLP Flipped Learning Team and love the personal teaching goals we are setting for ourselves.
    Maryann and I are currently team teaching grade 3 and 2/3 classes and flip our classes consistently. We share the responsibility of front loading the videos and have been doing so since September. Not without its challenges, a couple of parents were initially resistant, not understanding that the purpose of the videos were something other than to entertain the students. That just helped us to set up the initial introduction of each video as "The purpose of today's video is to...." Solved. Technology has also been a very big hurdle which we are still overcoming. Class YouTube sites that are blocked... We have not very few issues with home access of our flipped learning videos. Hurray! Any issues have been resolved with putting the videos on a USB stick for students to view at home. Those that don't do their homework, come into the class in the morning and watch it right away on the laptop. Unfortunately, they are missing out on opportunities to dialogue with their parents and for parents to see what is happening in the classroom, but at least this is not a consistent issue.
    Out of class...saw a parent in the grocery store and as she passed she said, "Love your videos. Thank-you!"
    Another parent " I can hear your voice in my house all the time."
    "Pardon me?" I replied.
    "Yup, my child plays your videos over and over. He loves them."